Soprano Collection 18/10

Classic Italianate holloware collection made from 18/10 stainless steel with a long lasting finish. Soprano has a true gooseneck spout preferred for total accuracy in pouring. Argon welds ensure against leaks. All holloware covers have durable five knuckle hinges that allow the covers to open a full 180 degrees, lying completely flat during washing; no chance of damage. Hollow handles protect user while handling hot beverages.

Item # Description
CX511 Gooseneck Coffee 70 OZ
CX513 Gooseneck Coffee 30 OZ
CX514 Gooseneck Coffee 18 OZ
CX515 Gooseneck Coffee 12 OZ
CX519 Gooseneck Tea 20 OZ
CX520 Gooseneck Tea 12 OZ
Water Pitcher 70 OZ w/ Ice Guard
Water Pitcher 70 OZ w/out Ice Guard
CX526 Creamer 12 OZ w/out Lid w/ handle
CX528 Creamer 5 OZ w/out Lid, w/ Handle
CX528L Creamer 5 OZ w/ Lid, w/ Hande
CX528XH Creamer 5 OZ w/out Lid, w/out Handles
CX529 Sugar Bowl 10 OZ w/out Lid
CX529L Sugar Bowl 10 OZ w/ Lid
O-U301RM Sugar Packet Holder

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*Silverplate available upon request

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