The induction ready Walco Idol 18/10 chafing dishes come complete with spoon holder, food pans in stainless and have available porcelain options. The 8 Qt. Rectangle and 7 Qt. have optional soup adapters with 4 Qt. buckets and covers available. The self closing, vented glass covers keep food presentations from drying out and drip channels move accumulated condensation back to water pan and not into the food.

The bottom of the chafer body is a 3 ply steel magnetic bottom with an inner layer of aluminum, most efficient for heating quickly and evenly. Another induction heating option is to remove the food pan and place food inside chafer bottom for heating with no steam.

The spoon holders are a good way to add sauce to a chafing dishes offerings. Having multiple units, servers can replace with pre-filled units on the buffet.

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