Cook N' Serve

A modern spin on tradition al casserole and paella dishes offer features for today's buffet "cook n' serve" trend.

  • Suitable for all heating sources including induction as well as open flame.
  • 18/10 stainless body with 3-ply magnetic sandwhiched bottom for even heating.
  • The lid is glass with a 18/10 stainless steel rim
  • The side handles are designed as a great spot to hold the buffet spoon.
  • A slit in the handles allows the lid to rest nicely upright while serving food.
  • Handles have silicone coverings to provide protection from hot pans while transporting from the kitchen to buffet.
Item # Description
WIR24 Paella Pan w/ Glass Lid 2.4 Qt. 9.5"Dia x 2"H
WIR22 Casserole w/ Glass Lid 3.5 Qt. 8.75"Dia x 3.25"H
WIR26 Casserole w/ Glass Lid 3.5 Qt. 10.25"Dia x 2.5"H

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