Satin Soprano

Walco's top of the line holloware but with a beautiful brushed satin finish.  Our Soprano collection is made of the finest 18/10 stainless steel to ensure lasting finish and shine.

Item # Description
CX528B 5 oz Creamer w/o Lid
CX528LB 5 oz Creamer w/Lid
CX526B 12 oz w/o Lid
CX0529LB 10 oz Sugar Bowl w/Lid
CX511B 70 oz Coffee Server
CX513B 30 oz Coffee Server
CX514B 18 oz Coffee Server
CX515B 12 oz Coffee Server
CX522B 70 oz Water Pitcher w/Ice Guard
CX522GB 70 oz Water Pitcher w/o Ice Guard
CX519B 20 oz Tea Pot
CX520B 12 oz Tea Pot

Download the Walco Satin Soprano Sell Sheet!

*Silverplate available upon request.

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