Royal Danish

18/10 stainless mirror finished stainless. Hollow handles are molded for a comfortable grip.

Item # Description
WLB01 Solid Serving Spoon 12" Length
WLB02 Slotted Serving Spoon 12" Length
WLB03 Notched Serving Spoon 12" Length
WLB04 Deep Ladle 12" Length
WLB05 Pastry Server 11" Length
WLB06 Pie Serving 12" Length
WLB07 Cold Meat Fork 10.5" Length
WLB08 Pot Fork 11.5" Length
WLB09 Ladle w/spout 1oz 12" Length
WLB10 Lg Ladle w/spout 2oz 12.5" Length
WLB11 Cheese Plane 11" Length
WLB12 Slicer 9" blade 13.5 Length
WLB13 Carving Knife 9" blade 13" Length
WLB14 Perforated Turner 14.5" Length

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