The best alternative to open flame. The smartest way to save money. 

Quality and presentation can now be maintained at the buffet, along with adding an energy efficient product which is enviromentally friendly. 

Buffet Burners allow you to take control of the temperature, the durantion, and the cost of your buffet heat. Invented and patented by food service professionals, the Buffet Burner is a product that meets the demands of today's culinary experts. This heating source easily attaches to most any size or shape chafing dishes using the patented magnetic system. 

One magnetic heater only costs $0.05 per hour to operate! At an average cost of $1.25 per can of fuel that burns for 2 hours, with 2 cans per chafer. Thats a $1.20 savings per chafer, per hour. That could eliminate thousands of dollars in fuel costs each year. 

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