Idol Buffetware

These serving pieces are inspired by the modern styling of Idol Chafers. The sleek hollow handles dissipate heat keeping them comfortable to the touch even when left in heated chafers food pans. The pistol grip finger holds enhance secure handling.

Item # Description
  ID012 Solid Serving Spoon, 10"
  ID014 Meat Fork, 10"
  ID015           Wide Botton Spoon, 10"
  ID022 Pastry Server, 10"
  ID029 Large Ladle, 13"
  ID125 Long Handle Spoon, 13"
  ID126 Long Slotted Spoon, 13"
  ID7225 Tongs, 6"
  ID7275 Tongs, 9"
  ID7280 Tongs, 12"
  ID7223 Ice Tongs, 6"
  ID7253 Salad Tongs, 9"
  WISR Spoon Rest 8 3/4"

Download the Walco Idol Buffetware Sell Sheet!

Download the Walco Buffetware Spoon Rest Sell Sheet!

*Silverplate available upon request


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