Ironstone Buffetware

Ironstone is Walco's popular upscale hammered finish flatware design. The dimpling creates a sparkling appearance and hides fingerprints.

Item # Description
IR-009 1-oz Sauce Ladle w/ Spout
IR-012 Solid Serving Spoon, 11"
IR-015 Wide Botton Spoon, 9 1/2"
IR-022 Pastry Server, 9 1/2"
IR-125 Long Handle Spoon, 13 1/4"
IR-126 Long Slotted Spoon, 13 1/4"
ISR Spoon Rest 8 3/4"

Download the Ironstone Buffetware Sell Sheet

Download the Buffetware Spoon Rest Sell Sheet!

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