Walco Idol Urns

Introducing new 3 and 5 gallon Urns to make WALCO IDOL a complete collection for Hotel and Club banquet. The urns are warmed by canned fuel or electric heat. WALCO IDOL Collection features the latest exciting modern style chafers with self closing glass top lids which are vented allowing covers to be closed but food visible keeping it from drying out. The chafers and soup station are also induction ready!

Item # Description
WI6LU Walco IdolTM Urn 6 Liter 1.5 Gal. w/ base and fuel holder
WI12LU Walco IdolTM Urn 12 Liter 3.2 Gal. w/ base and fuel holder
WI19LU Walco IdolTM Urn 19 Liter 5 Gal. w/ base and Fuel holder
WICUKIT Heating Plate For use with WI12LU and WI19LU
WI12-19L Idol Urn Lid (Fits WI12LU, WI9LU, WI12JD)
WI12-19S Idol Urn Spigot (Fits WI12LU, WI9LU, WI6LU, WI12JD)
WI12-19H Black Plastic Handles 2 pk
WI12-19P Black plastic replacement spigot handle

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