4 Qt. Round Chafer

Walco Idol™ features:

  • Self closing hinged lid.
  • Vented glass top - food wont get wet with condensation.
  • This allows for you to see the food inside as well as keep food presentations from drying out.
  • Magnetic steel clad bottoms insure excellent heating. 
  • Can also be used on induction.

Download the Walco Idol Seel Sheet!

Item # Description
WI4LGL Walco IdolTM Round 4 Qt. Chafer Kit consisting of:
WI4UGT (body; glass top lid, food pan and spoon holder)
and WI4BC (burner stand and 1 fuel cup)
WI4UGT Walco Idol™ Round 4 Qt body only with glass top lid and spoon holder
WI4BC Walco Idol™ 4 Qt. burner stand and 1 fuel cup
WI4L Walco Idol™ 4 Qt. Glass Lid (only), 5 no hing, 14" diam.
WI4P Porcelain Food Pan
532508 Food Pan
53380 Spoon Rest

Not available in silverplate

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